SUBWAY (Wilshire & Hobart)

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American franchise chain that makes subway sandwiches.

Also has salads and beverages on the menu.

Located on Wilshire Boulevard by Hobart Boulevard.

Open 24 hours a day.

SUBWAY (Beverly & Normandie)

Health rating of A (95) as of 04/03/2013. 11/27/2012 98 A 06/12/2012 98 A 07/21/2011 97 A SUBWAY #23753

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SUBWAY (Wilshire & Vermont)

American franchise shop on Wilshire & Vermont. Health rating of A (97) as of 01/29/2013. 06/21/2012 98 A 04/19/2012 95 A SUBWAY #52104

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SUBWAY (North Western)

March 28 and 29 (Friday and Saturday). Offer available only at this location. Buy any sub and get a free sub of equal or lesser value. No coupon necessary.

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