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This is a smaller-scale outlet of the Target retail chain, specifically a Target Express. It is located by the prominent Korean-owned Grand Spa.

Includes a Starbucks and a CVS Pharmacy inside.

Self-checkout machines are available.

In stock: houseware, clothing, canned goods, candy, bottled drinks, pet food

Market Pantry items available (pasta, sauces)

Soylent Complete Meal Creamy Chocolate 11oz 4-pack

Opening ceremony on April 3, 2018

NEWS IN JANUARY 2024: CVS closing dozens of pharmacies inside Target by April

NEWS IN FEBRUARY 2024: Attempted abduction of a four-year-old boy from inside this Target store

Kpop merch store in Koreatown

Kpop Bestie – Moved

Merch store with photobooth

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Daiso Japan: Koreatown LA Store

Daiso Japan

Japanese chain retail store selling many items for $1.75 each

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Eye Love Optical: 3rd Street

Eye Love Optical

Prescriptions, Glasses (affordable and luxury), Contact Lenses

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