West Third Collective

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Criminal charges filed by the City Attorney for operating a marijuana business.

By the post office and within illegal distance of St. Brendan School and Charles Kim Elementary School.

One of seven medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles that are the target of a first round of prosecutions under voter-approved Proposition D.

The criminal misdemeanor filings target individuals believed to be owners, operators, and property landlords of dispensaries allegedly operating outside Prop D’s parameters. The individuals have been sent notice-to-appear letters by the Los Angeles City Attorney.

The seven include: The Cannaverse, 1428 Gafffey Street; San Pedro West Third Collective, 4363 W. 3rd Street; LA. Cal Med Access, 754 Washington Blvd; LA Nature’s Wonders Caregivers Group, 1330 Olympic Blvd; LA View Park Caregivers, 4705 San Pedro West Third CollectiveCrenshaw Blvd.; South LA Universal Holistic Collective, 3546 Martin Luther King Blvd.; and South LA Optimal Global Healing, 11824 W. Pico Blvd.