Wilshire & Vermont Station

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Subway station below.

Zipcar location with two vehicles above.

“Cerritos” – Honda Civic
Hour: $9
Day: $73 (base rate)

“Colonel” – Honda CR-V
Hour: $10
Day: $80 (base rate)

These vehicles are located in the parking structure above the Wilshire/Vermont Metro Station. To enter by foot, use the Atrium court entrance at street level on S Vermont Blvd and ride the elevator by the leasing office down to the garage. Take a left out of the elevators follow the wall until you have to take a right. You will then see the vehicles on your left. When returning the vehicle, use the Resident/Visitor garage entrance on S Vermont Ave. These vehicles are equipped with transponders on the windshield; please roll forward at the gate and the gate should open automatically.