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Kipling Residential Hotel

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An apartment building that began life as a hospitality property in 1924.

It came under new ownership in 2012, when Evergreen Investment Group L.L.C. sold the property to Omninet Kipling L.P., a local investment partnership, for $9.1 million. That equals to about $67,400 for each of the complex’s 135 units, which include 134 studio apartments and a single one-bedroom unit. A restaurant is located at street level.

The transaction was arranged by Brent Sprenkle, an associate partner in the West Los Angeles office of Hendricks & Partners Inc.

341 South Berendo

Owned by Donald Sterling. 42-unit apartment building

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Haddon Hall Apartments

Built in 1926, Gothic Revival architectural details were incorporated by architect S. Charles Lee, who is recognized as one of the most prolific and distinguished motion picture theater designers on the West Coast. The grand lobby features wood carved ceilings, painted frescoes, stained glass and gargoyles. Property Managed By Pacific Crest Realty.

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Talmadge Apts

Movie producer Joseph M. Schenck built The Talmadge in 1922 as a present for his wife, the silent screen actress Norma Talmadge. The historic building is known today as the Talmadge Luxury Apartments. The Los Angeles County assessor lists the building as a “concrete frame” structure. The building permit, filed in 1923, refers to concrete […]

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