Finding 5 Best Online Divorce Support Groups

Overcoming divorce takes time and energy and a divorcee often needs support to move forward and live a better life. Surely, it is great if you have close friends and relatives who can encourage you, grant advice, or be by your side when necessary. But sometimes you need help and support from people who won’t judge you but understand your pain like no one else. This is where divorce support groups may be the best suitable decision and your ticket to self-renovation.

Why Use Online Divorce Support Groups

After you get an online divorce papers you may be physically and emotionally devastated, and crave good words and relevant advice. While your relatives may start judging you and a therapist will charge a lot, a trustworthy support group may become the top suitable choice in your case.

Fighting Loneliness

After relationships come to an end, you may feel unloved, abandoned, and extremely lonely. You will get self-isolated, distance yourself from your friends and relatives who seem not to understand you, and may slip into depression in the end.

Meanwhile, a support group will help you meet like-minded people who have gone through similar situations. They can easier understand your pain and worries, share their experience, and provide relevant advice.

Reducing Stress

Collecting your thoughts and worries about divorce will make you feel constantly stressed and anxious. Unless you find a way to let it all out, you can have a serious negative impact on your mental and physical health eventually.

Any divorce support forum or group can help you out in a similar case. Getting to know that there are people with similar problems and that they are not only overcoming the hurdles but are there to help you out, too, will let you relax a little and believe in a bright future ahead.

Opening Up

You may be ashamed to tell your relatives about your cheating husband. You may hide your divorce decision bearing
about the judgment from your friends. It will eat you up eventually if you have no one to share your concerns with.

This is where a support group may become your life buoy. It will be easier for you to disclose your thoughts and emotions in front of strangers with similar life hurdles.

Gaining Advice and Skills

Experienced divorcees and self-trained coaches may help you more than your friends or relatives when the divorce come. You should only go online and find the best matching support group to learn how to overcome divorce without any mistakes and complications.

Enjoying Comfort

An online support group is a preferable option due to its accessibility and comfort of use. You can reach it anytime, get your consultation anywhere, and return to an overcoming-divorce strategy any moment you need it. Contrasting to real-life meetings with support groups or therapists you are not bound to timeframes, locations, or any other limitations.

Yet, online groups for divorce support cannot be a one-fits-all solution. It can help some divorcees in their hardest times while bringing no use to others. Plus, you should care about your cyber safety, cannot avoid unpleasant people online, and have no guarantees you get professional help but not amateur advice.

Top 5 Divorce Support Groups to Try

Review different support groups for divorce carefully before you decide on the best suitable one and join the one that will bring you benefits for sure and change your life for the better in the end.

  1. Circles

Circles is an online support group addressing specific troubles in your life, including divorce-related issues. Whether it is all about divorce in general, narcissistic relationships you suffer from, divorced parenthood, or any other hurdle that is bothering you, there is a designated circle you can discuss it with. Circles are made of the 12-week program with a meeting once a week guided by an in-field professional. The first month is of no charge for newcomers so you can always quit if you are unsatisfied with the process.

  1. Men’s Group

Whether you are a man who is at a loss for how to decouple or how to preserve your relationships, Men’s Group is a safe and inspirational place for you to boost self-development and find support in tough times. You can join online discussions, attend support group meetings centered around specific issues, or apply for one-to-one coaching to overcome hurdles and grow together with a professional mentor.


If your marriage is over and you are a single mom now, this is the right place for you to find support, necessary information, and advice. The platform has an extensive blog with helpful articles on all possible topics related to divorce and single parenting, covering finances, law, parenthood, personal growth, and more. Plus, you can join forums to ask a question you cannot find an answer to in the articles, open up about your pain and broken heart, or meet real friends online. In-field professionals and experienced coaches are here, too, so you can expect to find quality advice and support there.

  1. Reddit: Divorce

Reddit has all possible topics to discuss and find answers to, including divorce-related issues. The forum discussions are well-moderated and safe to participate in. You will usually have to provide basic personal data and general info on your issue so that you do not place the question that already exists. Anyway, this is a place where you can find answers to any divorce question bothering you or advice to guide you to a better life after failed relationships.


LoveShack is a place where you can get engaged in a discussion on any topic you are interested in. Whether it is about parenting, friendship transitioning in relationships, or recovering from divorce, you can create your discussion or go through the existing thread to find guidance for your situation.

Trustworthy and high-rated online divorce support groups can become your savior in the tough post-divorce time. With all possible questions answered and experienced advice that is granted for free, you will feel more confident and move forward without turbulence.