Koreatown Bars for Various Occasions

South Korea has been intriguing visitors for some time. The culture of this Northeast Asian country is strongly influenced by Confucian principles: respect for authority and elders, as well as stressing the importance of family and friends. Koreans are also proud of their traditions and place a lot of emphasis on recognizing the ancestors who have inspired their success today. The USA has been welcoming immigrants from Korea for decades, with a sizeable population settling in LA. Naturally, this community has brought Korean culture with them but has also been keen to assimilate American ways. This has created a wonderful hybrid, a Korean-American lifestyle that blends history and modern mores. Koreatown in LA is the perfect backdrop for savoring this irresistible mix of exotic Asian and contemporary American values. Nowhere is this more apparent in social activities, where people can choose from Korean bars suitable for many different occasions.

Meeting with friends

The Californian neighborhood of Koreatown is home to almost 115,000 people and is bustling with places to hang out with your buddies or boyfriend, from bars to restaurants, public places to nightclubs. As well as welcoming citizens from Asia, diversity is further strengthened by the fact members of the LGBT community have always been well-catered for here. So, if you’re meeting with gay friends, you’d be spoiled for choice.  Let’s check out some of the best examples.

Mojo Hookah Lounge

A gay bar with a difference. Located near Hollywood, there’s outdoor seating where you can observe the world going by in amiable company. Savor the highest-quality hookah as you’re waited on by super-friendly staff.

Oink Night

A gay-friendly social club beloved by Korean Americans, located on Sunset Boulevard, with an elegant atmosphere and top service. What more could you ask for?

Honey’s at Star Love

One of Koreatown’s most widely appreciated gay watering holes, you and your friends might enjoy working your way through the mouth-watering cocktail menu!

Going on a date

Have you ever asked the question, ‘Where would be the best place to arrange a gay hookup near me in LA?’ There’s always some debate about offline or online encounters being the most solid building block for launching a gay relationship. But for the sheer variety of prospective partners, not to mention a discreet communication environment for exchanging DMs and developing chemistry, the digital option wins hands-down! The obvious answer would be to check out an online social hub. More and more of these digital platforms are springing up, catering to singles from every background. You’ll have every chance of getting introduced to exciting guys, and once you’re acquainted, you could try out any of these Koreatown gay bars for hot dates.

Frolic Room

Famous for its striking neon sign, this is a must-visit date location. This gay dating joint has a rich history and was supposedly the last place the Black Dahlia was spotted (a legendary Hollywood crime noire case!) Once owned by one of the world’s richest men, the enigmatic Howard Hughes, Frank Sinatra was known to frequent this charming bar. You can opt for refreshing alcoholic drinks, although more and more people are going for healthier options such as exquisite Korean tea available at nearby Ye Stage & Tea. Why not visit both venues during your gay date?


A retro-style lounge bar where gays from every background congregate, this is Koreatown’s ultimate hangout for gay hipsters.

Bars for loners or introverts

Potions & Poisons

Tucked away in a secluded corner of Oxford Center, this is the ideal oasis for more introverted gay males wanting to get away from overly crowded venues. You can seek solace with a fine selection of medicinal beverages and liqueurs.

R Bar

The décor is based on a Prohibition-era speakeasy, and patrons are asked for a password to get in, but the vibe is distinctly laid back.

Café Bleu

Casual and classy, with a well-stocked wine cellar and serving sumptuous Korean cuisine all day, this is the perfect venue for shy guys eager to mix with kindred spirits.

Venues to watch sports events

Kiki’s Restaurant & Sport Bar

A high percentage of Hispanic locals love drinking here and watching sports on the big screens, contributing to an eclectic melting point of clients. You’ll be made to feel more than welcome, regardless of your ethnicity – as long as your priorities are mixing with other LA gays and having fun!

Twozone Chicken

What better way to enjoy the latest fixture involving the LA Rams (American football), LA Dodgers (baseball), or the Lakers (basketball) in the company of your boyfriend, than doing so while relishing the freshest chicken dishes? Tender and flavorsome, these treats will put you in the mood for continually returning to this fabulous gay-friendly sports bar.