About Time

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Pet-friendly cafe where Caffe Bene on Wilshire used to be.

On the menu: coffee, bagel sandwiches, salads, quesadillas, avocado toast

🍋 Egg tarts, lemon tarts, ube pound cake, banana bread, tanghulu, banana pudding parfait 🍌

Specialty drinks: 🌽 corn latte, black latte, pistachio latte, spanish latte, dalgo latte, strawberry milk, strawberry matcha milk 🍓

Ades & Tea: lemon and basil ade, strawberry & basil ade, strawberry matcha ade, earl grey tea, blueberry hibiscus, yuzu peach green tea, lavender mint tea 🍑

HOURS: 9am – 12 midnight, daily


About Time was established in October 2023.

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traditional Korean teahouse in Ktown LA

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