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탕후루 / 糖葫蘆 (당호로) = Tanghulu

Chinese snack consisting of several rock sugar-coated fruits on a bamboo skewer.
It’s only in recent years that tanghulu has become very popular in South Korea, especially among teenagers and young adults. Tanghulu’s popularity surged during the COVID-19 era, with many sharing homemade recipes and ASMR videos on YouTube and TikTok. Its vibrant colors and satisfying crunchy texture made it popular content on social media.
In Koreatown, the most commonly used fruits used for tanghulu are strawberries, grapes, and mandarin oranges. The sweet and slightly tart flavor of strawberries and mandarin oranges pairs well with the crunchy sugar coating.


Tangtastic is a Koreatown spot dedicated to tanghulu, while other cafes offer tanghulu on certain days or as a side treat.

Cafe Bandal

Bandal Cafe Ktown

Croissant taiyaki & einspanner

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About Time

About Time Cafe in Ktown

Dessert cafe

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Tanghulu in LA

Selling Chinese-style candied fruit called Tanghulu 🍡

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