Aroma Center

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Located on the southeast corner of Wilshire & Serrano, two blocks east of Western Avenue, Aroma Center is 336,000 square feet of fitness, spa, shopping and dining.

The building has LA’s largest video screen at 800 square feet (33′ by 24′).


101 Open Bank
102 Starbucks
103 Asset Plus Cozy Dawn
104 Cozy Down Bella Co
105 NotebookShop Optikos Optometry
106 Pharmacy Mr Young’s Tailoring Services
108 Optikos JJ Acupuncture
109 Phone Box Safety-One

201 Sushi Ko Awon2 Japanese Restaurant
202 Wave Plastic Surgery
203 Hair Do
205 Trias
209 Rx Pharmacy (office) Revolve Design Builder, Inc
210 Premiere Dental
212 IDnC

301 Aroma Spa & Sports
302 Aroma Barbershop
304 Skincare Élan
305 Golf Academy

501 The One Banquet Hall
503 Sky Bar Apartment 503

P01 Cafe Scent
P04 Wilshire Video Wilshire Shipping

T02 Juice Bar

B02 Pharaoh Karaoke

The city’s largest semi-indoor golf range.

Fax: (213) 387-0730

Hanil Developement Inc (213) 387-0111

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