California Market

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California Marketplace is a three-story commercial complex on the northeast corner of 5th Street & Western Avenue in the lot formerly occupied by the single-story Kaju Market.

There is now a large, modern supermarket (“Gaju Maket“) on the ground floor.

Aside from Korean groceries and produce, the market also sells freshly prepared Korean takeout food items including cooked black/purple rice (흑미밥).

There a few mainstream American items (priced more expensively than at Ralphs or Vons), as well as Latino and Filipino.

Right by the entrance/exit is a Tous Les Jours bakeshop and a branch of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

* If the Fifth Avenue entrance is closed (the sliding doors don’t slide open), enter on 5th Street via the parking garage.

On an upper floor is a food court that includes Seoul Pho.

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