Atlacatl Family Restaurant

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A long-standing Salvadoran restaurant on Beverly & Berendo in North Koreatown.

On the menu: pupusas con loroco, carne asada

Health rating of A as of 07/30/2012.

Purposely misspells its full name as “Salvadorean” Restaurant.

Bichos Food Truck in LA

Vchos Truck

Salvadoran food with a twist Pupusas, Shrimp&Potato Tacos, Chicken Pastelitos

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Olocuilta Salvadoran Restaurant

Olocuilta Pupusería

Small restaurant that serves Mexican and Salvadoran food. Known for pupusas.

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Flag of El Salvador

Consulate General of El Salvador

+1 (213) 234-383-6134 / +1 (213) 383-8364 / +1 (213) 383-5776 / +1 (213) 383-8580 El Consulado atiende de lunes a viernes. Horario: De 7:00 a.m. a 3:00 p.m. Free Art Exhibition on Saturday (August 13) from 3:00 pm.

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