California Market on Beverly – Closed

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Hours Open: Monday to Sunday, 7:00 am – 10:00 pm

Koreans call this grocery store Gaju or Kaju Maket. It means “California State,” as in the State of California.

This is more of a wholesale market in North Koreatown. Its other location on 5th & Western has been demolished with plans of building a shopping complex on the land.

Retail Food Market
05/16/2013 90 A
09/06/2012 91 A
05/24/2012 96 A
02/29/2012 98 A


05/16/2013 84 B
09/06/2012 93 A
05/09/2012 97 A
02/29/2012 98 A

Hair Story

Korean-run hair salon on the northwest corner of 4th & Western

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Cho Man Won – Closed

A small Korean-run eatery next to Odaesan. Specializes in Koreanized Chinese food. Menu and Prices as of November 2012: kimchi / meat dumplings: $3.99 seafood jjamppong: $7.99 jjajangmyeon: $5.49 chicken gangjong: $7.99 jjin-bbang: $4.99 tangsooyuk: $9.99 김치/고기만두, 해물짬뽕, 짜장면, 닭강정, 찐빵, 탕수육

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Aritaum Galleria Opening

Aritaum Galleria

Branch of the beauty products chain… at Koreatown Galleria

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