Cinema Makeup School

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CMS holds classes on beauty, fashion, airbrush, cinema, stage, television and special effects makeup.

Office hours are M-F from 8:30a—5:30p

Day classes run weekdays from 9a—4p
Evening core classes run weekdays from 6:00p—9:30p
Evening concept classes run weekdays from 6:00p—10p

Master Makeup Program
630 total clock hours / 18 weeks
Tuition: $12,600 | Lab Fee : $1,300

This course is designed from motion picture, television, fashion make-up artistry, character, prosthetics and special make-up effects including a half-head multi piece creature of your own design. Does not include Digital FX Makeup Design or Creature Maquette Sculpture Includes: High Fashion, Character, Prosthetics, and Special Make-up Effects.

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