Coin de Rue

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Bakery & Cafe

Offerings: castella, corn cheese twists, milk bread, anko butter soboro, butterfly pastries, sweet-potato cream pastries, pumpking cream pastries, green-tea napoleon, Japanese-style cheesecake

B health rating as of March 2022.

Usual Business Hours: 8am-6pm, daily

Technically in Harvard Heights, aka South Koreatown

Where The Bento Place used to be.

Pang Kum Tuh (Village Bakery)

Village Bakery – Closed

Closing in mid-October 2015 in order to make way for the city’s subway extension.

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Guatemalan Bakery in Los Angeles

Guatemalteca Bakery

Guatemalan bakery, restaurant and retail food store

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Angels Angeles Bakery in Koreatown LA

Angeles Bakery

Latin American bakeshop selling pastries.

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