Crafted Donuts

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A branch of the Cambodian-owned Crafted Donuts chain.

Took over the space of Ramona / Pink Donuts.

First day of business: June 1, 2017

Opens as early as 6:00 am on weekdays, 8:00 am on weekends.

Closes by 8:00 pm on most days.

Vegan option: “birthday cake” donut with sprinkles

Pang Kum Tuh (Village Bakery)

Village Bakery – Closed

Closing in mid-October 2015 in order to make way for the city’s subway extension.

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Amandine Patisserie


Patisserie Cafe, baking traditions from France & Japan

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Korean French bakeshop

Paris Baguette – Solair

South Korean bakeshop

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