Fan Fan’s Amusement

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Arcade claw machines filled with plushies as prizes.

Fan Fan’s Amusement has set up shop in the space formerly occupied by Coco Nail on the ground floor of the Solair Building, Western Avenue side, across the street from Mo’s House of Axe by the Madang Courtyard.

Entrance to Solair’s parking structure is on Oxford Avenue.

The crane games are just a few steps away from the Metro Station on Wilshire & Western, across the street from the Wiltern Theater.

Fan Fan’s skill cranes can also be seen at other Ktown locations, such as at Chi Chi and at Koreatown Plaza’s food court. >>> Kpop Bestie

The machines are of course made in and imported from China.

Among the plush dolls up as prizes are boba plushies, as well as Pokemon and Hello Kitty stuffies.

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