Francaise Bakery – Closed

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Korean-run Western-style bakeshop that had goguma (sweet-potato) cake among its offerings

Health Rating of B as of 06/13/2012.

Language spoken: Korean

Honeymee Ice-Cream Shop

Serves soft ice-cream

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Cake House @ Koreatown Galleria Olympic

Korean bakeshop that sells Western-style breads, cakes and pastries.

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NaeGohyang Restaurant – Closed

Korean restaurant Nae Gohyang (My Hometown) specializes in handmade whole-wheat noodles. Kalgooksoo is a dish of knife-cut noodles. Soojaebee is a dish of hand-torn rice nuggets in broth. Kimchi dumplings also on the menu. Health rating of A (97) as of 08/29/2012. NAE KO HYANG A Conditional Use Permit, pursuant to the provisions of Section […]

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