Han Bat Sul Lung Tang

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Small hole-in-the-wall Korean restaurant whose house specialty is Seolleong-tang / Sullungtang (ox-bone soup).

Open Monday-Sunday 7 am – 10 pm, even on Christmas Day.

Cash only.

Has a sign on the door declaring they are an unwavering supporter of the LAPD.


Health rating of B as of early March 2016.

Health rating of A (90) as of 05/16/2013.

01/08/2013 92 A
05/08/2012 92 A
02/28/2012 95 A


Han Bat Shul-Lung-Tang Menu

Sul Lung Tang $13.50
– Seokum
– Salgogi
– Yangji
– Naejang
– Wusoel

Suyuk $33.00
– Sekoum
– Yangji
– Naejang

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