Han Kook Soondae

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Very Korean restaurant whose house specialty is blood sausages.

Closed on Sundays.

Cash only

Seoul Soondae House

Serves traditional Korean blood sausages. This stall of Seoul Soondae is located in the food court of Koreatown Plaza on Western Avenue. They did have a full restaurant called Seoul Soondae House on 6th Street at Alexandria Plaza. Closes by 8:30 or earlier on most days.

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8th Street Soondae Korean Restaurant

Eighth Street Soondae

Restaurant whose house speciality is traditional Korean blood sausages

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Also known as “Hungry Night in LA” or Yasik Town. LATE-NIGHT FOOD DELIVERY OF KOREAN FOOD HOURS OPEN: 10:00 PM – 7:00 AM FREE DELIVERY. LIMITED TIME: FREE CAN OF COKE for each plate ordered. 야식타운 배달 메뉴 soon! Menu includes budae-jjigae, bossam, squid over rice, dakdoritang, grilled Spam, $12.99 ddeokbokki, kimchi stew, tofu kimchi… […]

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