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Han Kook Soondae

Hankook Soondae

Korean restaurant whose house specialty is blood sausages.

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Eighth Street Soondae

8th Street Soondae Korean Restaurant

Restaurant whose house speciality is traditional Korean blood sausages

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Jang Teo Bossam

Bossam, soondae, and jokbal.

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88 Seolleongtang Restaurant

Korean-Korean restaurant located in Westlake, just east of Koreatown proper. House specialties: seolleongtang (ox-bone soupe) and soodae (blood sausages). In the same mini-mall as Jesun Acupuncture, where Gwen Stefani goes regularly.

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Also known as “Hungry Night in LA” or Yasik Town. LATE-NIGHT FOOD DELIVERY OF KOREAN FOOD HOURS OPEN: 10:00 PM – 7:00 AM FREE DELIVERY. LIMITED TIME: FREE CAN OF COKE for each plate ordered. 야식타운 배달 메뉴 soon! Menu includes budae-jjigae, bossam, squid over rice, dakdoritang, grilled Spam, $12.99 ddeokbokki, kimchi stew, tofu kimchi… […]

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Seoul Soondae House

Serves traditional Korean blood sausages. This stall of Seoul Soondae is located in the food court of Koreatown Plaza on Western Avenue. They did have a full restaurant called Seoul Soondae House on 6th Street at Alexandria Plaza. Closes by 8:30 or earlier on most days.

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