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한국통닭 (한국마켓내).

Korean-run chicken takeout counter inside HK Supermarket on Western.

Also has sweet potatoes and bungo-bbang on the menu.

Wool Umma

Wool Um Ma

A small Korean eatery inside the HK Market in North Koreatown.

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Cindy Cho Aveda Salon – Closed

UPDATE: Closed in late summer 2013. Coco Nail now in its space. Hair salon that carried many Aveda hair and skin care products in the retail front. Located on the ground floor of the Solair building on the northeast corner of Wilshire and Western. The salon was on the Western Avenue side. Hours: Tuesday to […]

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“Bobo’s” is a Korean-operated store on the second floor of the Madang mall on Western Avenue. Reseller of gently used (pre-owned) luxury handbags and accessories.

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