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Korean Fried Chicken in Hk Supermarket

한국통닭 (한국마켓내). Korean-run chicken takeout counter inside HK Supermarket on Western. Also has sweet potatoes and bungo-bbang on the menu.

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Wool Um Ma

Wool Umma

A small Korean eatery inside the HK Market in North Koreatown.

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HK Market

HK Market on Western Avenue

Korean supermarket in North Koreatown that notably had a wall of graffiti on Western Avenue. (The art was removed in 2014.)

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Cake House – HK Super on Western

Korean-run bakeshop counter that sells Western-style pastries and Korean hodu gwaja. Located inside the Korean supermarket HK Super on Western Avenue, north side of 1st Street. Part of a chain that includes another location at Koreatown Galleria on Western & Olympic. Health rating of A (95) as of 1/22/2013. Classified as a retail food market.

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