Wool Um Ma

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A small Korean eatery inside the HK Market in North Koreatown.

Wool Umma is open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on most days.

Company established 2011.

Disconnected number: (323) 465-0185

New number: (323) 469-9329

Dalguji Restaurant


A small, modest Korean restaurant on Western Avenue. 한식전문 달구지 쌈밥전문

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Gu Po Jip Chu Uh Tang

Also known as the Gu Po Jib or Goopojib restaurant. House specialty is Chuwotang / Chuotang (mudfish stew). Health rating of A (90) as of 04/01/2013. 11/28/2012 91 A 08/02/2012 95 A 03/22/2012 90 A

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Hanmijung Korean Restaurant on Pico

HanMiJung Korean Restaurant

Korean restaurant in Southwest Koreatown specializing in goat stew, bulgogi, pork galbi, samgyeopsal, pork bossam, agu jjim, fried octopus…

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