Hong Kong Banjum 0410 (6th Street)

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Also known as Jung-Won Paik’s Noodle House.

HongKong Banjum is a Korean-Chinese fusion food franchise with several locations in Koreatown. This one is located on 6th Street by Alexandria.

On the menu: jjajangmyun (black-bean noodles), tangsuyuk, chicken wings with spicy sauce, chili shrimp, fried dumplings

쟁반짜짱, 탕수육, 깐풍기

Canned “Paik Lager”

HOURS: 10am-9pm, Monday – Sunday

Paik’s Noodle: Hong Kong Ban Jum 0410

Last graded by County Public Health on 2/28/2023. Certified Food Protection Manager: Kyoungdae Baek

❌ (213) 389-0410

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