Kuishimbo — 6th Street

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Japanese restaurant.

Health rating of A (90) as of 08/20/2012.

Hours are to 10 on most nights.

This location opened in Feb 11, 2006, after its longtime, original location on Wilshire/Wilton closed in early 2005.

Its original location on Wilshire/Wilton re-opened in January 2013.

Kuishimbo has been serving Japanese Charbroil dishes since 1979.

The owner is Sam Takayama, who opened the original Kuishimbo with his mother Keiko and brother Daniel in Marina del Rey. The family had moved to California, USA, from Osaka, Japan, in the 70s, and they started their restaurant soon after. Sam now owns and operates both Los Angeles locations and his brother Daniel owns and operates the location in Stone Harbor, New Jersey.