Kang Nam Restaurant

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Kangnam serves Korean-Style barbecue, Eundaegu-jorim, Japanese dishes, and raw fish.

Located just west of Koreatown’s proper borders.

Opened by Chef Sang Hun Lee in the early 1980s.

Galbijjim (beef rib stew), Haemul Jeongol (seafood vegetable stew), Bulgogi (marinated beef), Dweji Bulgogi (spicy marinated pork), Eundaegu Jorim (spicy black cod in a seafood vegetable reduction)… Samgyetang (whole-chicken soup with ginseng) $12.99 plus tax… Takeout ok.

* Has a sushi patio.

Hours: roughly 11 AM – 10 PM on most days.

Kang Nam Restaurant on Olympic

Kang Nam Restaurant on Olympic

The Backhouse in Koreatown LA

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