KFC on Olympic

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Fast-food chain formerly known as “Kentucky Fried Chicken”

American fast-food restaurant serving fried chicken

14- Piece Meal $29.99

· 14-piece Drum & Thigh Meal · 2 large Mash Potatoes with Gravy · 1 large Cole Slaw · 6 Biscuits

Add any beverage bucket to any meal for $3

10-Piece Feast for $30
· 10 pieces of chicken (choose origianl Recipe or Extra Crispy)
· 2 large mashed potatoes and gravy
· 1 large cole slaw
· 4 biscuits
· 1/2 gallon beverage bucket
· 4 chocolate-chip cookies

2 Large Sides for $ 6

Choose any large side: cole slaw, whole kernel corn, green beans, mash potatoes and gravy, secret recipe fries

* Prices and menu item availability are subject to change.

Now Hiring: apply at your local KFC.

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