Lee Ka Ja Hair Bis – Western

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LeeKaJa Hair Bis at the IB Plaza on Western Avenue.

Korean Beauty Salon

Wedding Makeup

Free Internet, Free Pastry, Free Coffee

Women’s haircut starts at $65

LKJ Hair Bis / Lee Kaja / Lee Ka Ja / Lee Ka-ja

Guda Restaurant: Korean BBQ

Guda BBQ – Closed

Korean BBQ restaurant that opened in fall 2015 in the space formerly occupied by Hae-ruhl Poomun Hwareo on the second floor of Cosmos Village. Closed. Space occupied by The Nakgi as of Summer 2016.

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Ham Ji Bak (Korean Restaurant on Pico)

Ham Ji Park – Original on Pico

Korean restaurant southwest of Koreatown proper. Famous for owner Kim Hwa-shin’s Dweji-galbi (barbeque pork ribs). Its offshoot “Hamjibak – Daughter” is located on 6th Street.

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CottonHi Snack Shop

CottonHi – Closed

Snack shop that showcases soft-serve ice cream topped with cotton candy. Also has New York cheesecake on the menu.

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