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IB PLAZA is the old building housing various retail stores and one or two food-serving establishments at any one time.

Mega Vape

Have Some Coffee

Have Some Coffee Ktown

Coffee shop

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Brew You – Closed

Brew You Coffee Shop

Korean-run coffee shop in the strip mall known as IB Plaza. (more…)

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Ebul Mart Korean Quilt Store at IB Plaza

Sells yibul (quilts) and assorted Korean bedding, including traditional pillows.

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Lee Ka Ja Hair Bis (Western) – Closed

Lee Kaja Korean Beauty Salon

LeeKaJa Hair Bis at the IB Plaza on Western Avenue. Korean Beauty Salon Wedding Makeup Free Internet, Free Pastry, Free Coffee Women’s haircut starts at $65 LKJ Hair Bis / Lee Kaja / Lee Ka Ja / Lee Ka-ja Closed by 2016.

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SKD Tofu House on Western – Closed

SKD Tofu House on Western Avenue in Koreatown LA

Newest location is the IB Plaza on Western Avenue. UPDATE: Closed.

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Wellbeing Land (Nonghyub Hongsam)

Wellbeing Land (Nonghyub Hongsam)

농협홍삼 (Nonghyub Hongsam) Located at IB Plaza.

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Galbi Madang – Closed

Space taken over by Sogongdong Soondubu in September 2014. GalbiMadang AYCE $17.99. Gal Bi Madang in the IB Plaza. Mon-Sun 10 am – 10 pm GALBI MADANG 2012246854 12/12/2012 Former space of CHUNG DAM GARDEN, which was last given a health rating of A (90) in 04/11/2012.

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