Mandarin Garden Restaurant

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Closed for vacation August 12 (Saturday) – August 18 (Friday), 2013. Reopens on August 19 (Saturday).

Shin Heung Gak – jjamppong delivery

Chinese Korean food: Jjajang, Jjambbong, Dumplings

B Health Rating as of 08/07/2012.

February 2020: Kpop boy group BTS spotted by Olympic Burger and Mandarin Garden on the southwest corner of Olympic Boulevard and Vermont Avenue.

Korean Pho in Los Angeles

Pho 24

Korean take on Vietnamese pho

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Gamjatang at Gamjagol Korean Restaurant


Korean restaurant whose specialty dish is Gamja-tang.

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Yangji Gamjatang

Yangji Gamjatang

Korean restaurant whose house specialty is Gamjatang (pork-bone soup).

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