Mister Bossam

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Opened in December 2014 in the old space of Yongdudong Baby Octopus at Lux Plaza.


Bossam from $21.99 for 2 servings

Cheese Deung Galbi $30 for 2 persons

Budaejjigae $23.99 for 2 persons

Macguksoo (noodles with sea snails) $24 / 2 persons

Lunch Set $9.99

Lunch Kalguksu $8.99

Availability and prices are subject to change!

Located on the east side of Western Avenue between 3rd Street and 4th Street.

The Vape Shop

Opened May 31, 2014

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Shabu Hyang

Shabu Hyang

On Wilshire Boulevard, just a few steps west of Western Avenue. Menu: Vietnamese spring rolls, Shabu-Shabu, BBQ

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The Supplement Stash

Health supplements. Opened 2014.

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