Myungin Dumplings

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This is a small, relatively new restaurant specializing in Mandoo (dumplings, buns).

For the decades-old stalwart restaurant when it comes to dumplings in Koreatown, go to Myungdong Gyoja on Wilshire.

1. 왕만두 (wang/king mandu)
2. 김치 왕만두 (kimchi king mandu)
3. 매운 새우만두 (spicy shrimp mandu)
4. 딤섬 (dimsum)
5. 찐빵 (jjin bbang)
6. 야채 왕만두 (vegetable king mandu)
7. 삼선 물만두
8. 군만두
9. 만두국/떡만두국
10.물만두/김치 물만두
11.콩국수 (kong-guksu)
12.칼국수 (kal-guksu)
13.육개장 (yukgaejang)
14.갈비탕 (galbi-tang)
15.새우볶음밥 (shrimp fried rice)
18.한국식 왕만두/김치 왕만두

Health rating of A (91) as of 10/11/2012.

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