Pinkberry (New in 2023)

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Tart and Non-Tart Frozen Yogurt

At the height of its popularity, Pinkberry had an actual standalone froyo shop on 6th Street, which closed circa 2015 / 2016 around the time the company had to be rescued by Kahala Brands.

In September 2023, Pinkberry reestablished a presence in Ktown when it set up an iCream soft-serve dispensing machine in the food court of the old Koreatown Plaza shopping mall.

Pinkberry refers to this outpost of theirs at KT Plaza as Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt Store #15442.

What’s available?

Classic plain white yogurt with an option to top with finely ground chocolate-looking grains.

Usual dry topping options: Oreo, biscuit crumbs, mini MnMs

Sauce: chocolate, strawberry, caramel

Base price is $5 per cup, with each additional topping or sauce being an extra 25 cents.

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