Gaju Gimbap

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There have been many “Gaju Gimbap” places over the years. This one is the food stall inside the Korean supermarket Gaju Market on 5th & Western.

One would think this would be “California Market Gimbap” but in fact “California Market Gimbap” is the name of an eatery at Rodeo Galleria a few blocks south of where this is.

Beard Papa Cream Puffs in Koreatown LA

Beard Papa’s

Japanese cream puffs at the Madang Mall on Western Avenue, just north of Wilshire Boulevard.

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Wool Umma

Wool Um Ma

A small Korean eatery inside the HK Market in North Koreatown.

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Korean Tonkatsu House LA

Tonkatsu House

Located in the food court of Koreatown Plaza

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