Soung Woung Taekwondo

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After-school activities for children and youngsters, particularly art and taekwondo classes.

Located by 2nd & Western.

Elite Taekwondo Center – Wilshire

This location is on Wilshire Boulevard, by Saint Andrews Place. The other Elite Taekwondo Center in the Koreatown area is on Olympic Boulevard, by Hobart Boulevard.

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United Taekwondo

“United Taekwondo Center” on 3rd & Kenmore.

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Elite Taekwondo Center – Olympic

This location is on Olympic Boulevard, by Hobart Boulevard. Yelp refers to this area as Harvard Heights, and not Koreatown, because it’s on the south side of Olympic Boulevard. We say it’s Koreatown. There’s another Koreatown-area branch of the Elite Taekwondo Center on Wilshire.

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