Tonkatsu House

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The Korean word for “house” is jip. Koreans sometimes transliterate their “j” sound as “z” in English.

Tonkatsu (“pork cutlet”) is a Japanese dish that consists of a breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet. It’s a favorite among Koreans, who call it Donkasu (돈가스) in their language.

Notable on their menu is the Aloha Tonkatsu, which comes with cheese and pineapple.

Gold cutlet is a premium version of the regular pork cutlet. It has peanuts, raisins, and cheese as topping. It also comes with a tomato slice on the side.

Small servings of macaroni salad, mixed veggies and rice are the usual accompaniment to the katsu dishes.

Also on the menu: beef cutlet, chicken katsu, fish cutlet, hamburger steak, omurice, squid over rice, yakisoba, teriyaki, udon noodle soup

Tonkatsu House is a longstanding eatery located in the food court of Koreatown Plaza.

한국 스타일 돈까스, 웰빙 돈까스, 생선까스, 햄버거 스테이크, 소고기까스, 오징어 덮밥, 야끼소바, 오무라이스, 치킨까스, 테리야끼, 우동

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Just opened in Koreatown in December 2023.

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