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Donkassu is Koreanized tonkatsu, a Japanese pork-cutlet dish that itself was taken from the West and localized in Japan.

New: King Donkasu at California Marketplace on 4th & Western.

Thank U Pho

Thank U Pho Restaurant on 8th & Oxford

Small Korean-owned eatery serving pho

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Wako Donkasu – Wilshire

Wako Donkasu on Wilshire

This location is at the Brown Derby Plaza. The other Wako Donkasu location is on Olympic Boulevard.

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Wako Donkasu – Olympic

Wako Donkasu chopsticks

Korean restaurant whose house specialty is the Japanese tonkatsu. There is another Wako branch on Wilshire.

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Bento Man

Bento Man on Western

Japanese eatery just south of Koreatown proper. Teriyaki, curry, ramen (ramyeon), tonkatsu… See menu.

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Kong Ji Ne Donkatsu

Kong-Ji Korean Restaurant

Small restaurant whose specialty is donkatsu (Koreanized tonkatsu)

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Galleria Tonkatsu

Koreatown Galleria Tonkatsu

One of the stalls at the Koreatown Galleria food court on SE corner of Olympic & Western

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