Tokyo Hamburg

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Korean-run casual Japanese restaurant and desserts cafe on 6th & New Hampshire.

Opened in September 2016.

Tokyo Hamburger components: Angus beef, fresh vegetables, seasonings, marinade

Japanese Afternoon Tea Set $29.99 for 2 persons: choice of coffee, Earl Grey, Matcha

Coffee, Tea, Fruit Drinks, Ramune Soda, Sparkling Water, Japanese Milky Soda, Blue Lemonade, Bubble Tea, Greentea Latte, Hot Chocolate, Milkshakes, Lotus Root Chips

Matcha, Yogurt Smoothies, Strawberry Smoothies, Kiwi Strawberry Banana, Mango Smoothies, Homemade Daifuku, Fruit Mochi, Ichigo Daifugu, Strawberry & Red Bean Mochi, Swiss Riclette, Tonkatsu, Oaris Crepe, Mille Feuille, Ribeye beefsteak Katsu, Cheese Katsu, Ice Cream, Japanese Parfait, Yuki Shaved Snow, Cakes, Animal Manjoo, Green Tea Pudding, Mango Pudding, Macarons, Monaka, Baumkuchen

$1 oysters all day everyday

Customize your Hamburg with eggs for a twist.

Availability of menu items and prices are subject to change.

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