Yellow House Cafe

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Korean coffee shop Noranzip in North Koreatown.

“Noran-jip” means “Yellow house” in Korean.

The building is distinctly yellow.

Closed by the health department at least once or twice.

Date Closed: February 13, 2013
Date Reopened: February 15, 2013
Reason for Closure: Vermin harborage, Vermin infestation

Yeo Woo Bi (Nampodong) – Closed

여우비 (주점) aka 남포동

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Thai Ocean

Thai eatery

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KOFFEA, 610 S BERENDO ST, LOS ANGELES, CA, 90005 Date Closed: April 10, 2013 Date Reopened: April 12, 2013 Reason for Closure: Vermin Harborage Vermin infestation

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