Young Dong Music Studio

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Young Dong Nohrehbang is a Korean-operated karaoke bar located in the dingy strip mall known as Key Center on the northwest corner of 6th & Normandie.

Nak Won Rice Bakery

Nakwon Bakery is a ddeok-jib that sells so-called Korean rice “cakes” called ddeok. Koreans often describe this type of establishment in English as a rice “bakery” though it is not like Western-style bakeries that bake products – it’s more like steaming the rice flour. Usually closes at 6:00 pm. Sometimes does close at 1:00 pm, […]

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Lucky Pet Premium Pet Food & Boutique

강아지와 고양이의 사료/간식

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Madang 621 Koreatown Restaurant

Madang 621 Restaurant – Closed

Korean-run restaurant at the Madang Mall

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