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Korean bar in LA

Chungdam 828

Korean pub

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Bagels in Koreatown

Calic Bagel

Koreatown-style bagels

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Samgyeopsal bbq restaurant in Ktown


Korean restaurant focused on grilled pork

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Korean fried chicken in LA


Korean fried chicken and street food

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traditional Korean teahouse in Ktown LA

Damo Tea House

Korean-owned cafe

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Mochinut in Los Angeles


Donut Shop

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Kpop Store in Koreatown LA

Kpop Nation

Merch store

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Borit Gogae Korean Restaurant in Ktown, Southern California

Borit Gogae

Korean restaurant

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Halgadduk California


Korean eatery

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Dae Song Ro Korean Barbecue Restaurant

Dae Sung Ro

Korean BBQ Restaurant

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Rice-Flour Chicken Restaurant

Rice Chicken

Korean-owned restaurant

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Jinsol Gukbap new location

Jinsol Gukbap on 8th

Korean restaurant whose specialty is dweji gukbap (pork soup)

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Bud Namu Restaurant Los Angeles

Bud Namu Korean BBQ

Korean restaurant that does charcoal barbecue. All-You-Can-Eat options on the menu

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Chimaek Koreatown Los Angeles

ChiMac Star

Korean fried chicken restaurant

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Market8 / Mark Eat / Market 8


“Food for Thought”

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H Cafe

On the menu: Nutella-stuffed french toast

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Infinity Karaoke Bar in Ktown Westlake LA

Infinity Lounge

Drinking place (serving alcoholic beverages)

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I Love Boba on 8th & Oxford

I Love Boba – Oxford Center

One of the many I LOVE BOBA locations in Koreatown LA

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Magal BBQ exterior sign

Magal BBQ

Korean BBQ Restaurant

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Gastropub in Los Angeles

Jjan Gastropub

Korean fusion restaurant

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Kpop Dance Lessons in LA

Debut Dance District

Korean-owned dance school

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Slurpin' Ramen Bar on 8th Street

Slurpin’ Ramen Bar

Open for lunch and dinner.

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Tu Pan You Pizza LA

Tu Pan You

Pizza, Burger & Fries

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Sootbulljip Health Inspection Report

Soot Bool Jeep

Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant.

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Breakfast in Ktown

The Potato Sack

“Real Food. Fast Breakfast”

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Kim Meehee Hanbok Boutique

Korean Dress Boutique

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Honey Night

Honey Night

Korean pub at Oxford Center Plaza on 8th Street

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Korean intestines restaurant LA


Korean restaurant specializing in beef intestines

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Oaxacan Restaurant on 8th Street in LA

Sabores Oaxaqueños

Mexican restaurant devoted to the regional cuisine of Oaxaca with live mariachi music on most nights.

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