Study Abroad at Home: Immerse Yourself in Korean Culture in Koreatown LA

Hobart Boulevard in Koreatown LA

If you wish to become immersed in Korean culture, it is not necessary to visit Seoul and spend a fortune as you have to manage your studies, immunization, and various entry applications. There is a great secret that is well-kept and still remains hidden even from the Americans. Meet L.A.'s unique Koreatown, a beautiful neighborhood where you can easily discover an authentic sampling of amazing Korean culture and meet people who can teach you the language and help you meet unique personalities. This way, you can basically study abroad at home and make things work for you!

From Anthropology to Culture.

It must be noted that Los Angeles County has the largest population of Koreans outside of their native country. While the population here is diverse, the Korean spirit is very strong, with many native speakers. So if you wish to study Anthropology or explore certain cultural points, it’s hard to find a better place to learn.

Discovering The Cuisine.

If you are not familiar with Korean cuisine, it’s high time to explore foreign culture from this side. You may consider visiting the street food stalls that can along Western Avenue and Sixth Street, as well as longstanding eateries on Olympic Boulevard. The corn-dogs and potatoes are just some of the options that you have, along with the trendy restaurants that are always filled with visiting celebrities looking for their Korean fix!

Going for a Shopping Trip.

The Madang Mall is a spot that you should definitely visit for a cultural experience that is like visiting Seoul without actually leaving the United States. You can find items favored by Korean celebrities of all ages — clothes, makeup and books. If you are into music, Kpop Music Town is where you will feel like a child at the candy store! Aside from the ubiquitous K-pop of the modern era, classic records can also be found here!

Starting a Travel Blog.

Even though Korean culture is becoming widely popular and sets new fashion and education trends, not many people can actually travel to the South Korea and make it an experience to remember. This is where Koreatown comes up and helps avid travelers start and explore. Learn how to take notes, and let your Koreatown experience bring you abroad as you study at home! It’s an experience you will always cherish!

Getting Your K-Pop Fix.

If you are into modern K-Pop culture, Koreatown is hard to beat, as you can find all the possible collector’s items, CDs, signed pictures, posters, and even rare movies in the Korean language. The place is like a Chinatown for Chinese if you get the idea!

Things Keep Changing All The Time

If you visited Koreatown in Los Angeles three decades ago, you may no longer recognize it now! Although there is still BCD Tofu, a famous Korean restaurant that you can find in most ads in the area, the place has gained a certain sense of Art Deco, where people have become even more multicultural and easily speak Korean. It also became a business hub for travelers from all over the world and a great place to learn and dive into an unknown culture.

If you walk along Wilshire Boulevard, you might not get an impression of perambulating through Seoul, yet it's sufficient to take a look at Koreatown Galleria  and the endless presence of so-called "hangul", the signs in the Korean language. These instantly make you feel different as you can find enough K-pop memorabilia and all the possible Korean street snacks that you won't find anywhere else in the United States. It is a place where you can learn, explore, make new friends, dream, and just have fun to your heart's content!