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Chocolate Chair – Closed

Chocolate Chair

Flower Tea, Smoothies, Thai Tea, Milk Tea with Boba

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Shuto Izakaya

Shuto Izakaya on Wilshire

Korean-operated Japanese-inspired drinking and eating establishment

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Caffe Bene Western – Closed

Caffe Bene: Western Avenue, Koreatown LA

South Korean coffee chain… Health rating of B as of March/May 2015.

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Tom n Toms @ Solair – Closed

UPDATE: Space has been taken over by Gong Cha as of January 2017.

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Myung Poom Sundae – Closed

Myung Poom Soon Dae: Korean Blood-Sausage Restaurant

“Myeong-poom Soondae” is the new name for the longstanding “Western Soondae” restaurant on the northwest corner 6th Street and Western Avenue.

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Tom N Toms @ 6th & Berendo – Closed

First LA branch of a popular South Korean chain of coffee houses. Has closed. Disconnected number: (213) 427-9867 ‎

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Village Bakery – Closed

Pang Kum Tuh (Village Bakery)

Closed in October 2015 in order to make way for a subway extension

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Western Soondae – Name Change

Western Soondae on 6th & Western

UPDATE: Rebranded itself as “Myung Poom Soon Dae” as of October 2015. Poorly rated Korean restaurant whose specialty is Soondae (blood sausages). Known for being pointedly rude to non-Koreans, especialy non-Korean Asians. NOTE: No longer open 24 hours. Open most days 9:00 am – 12:00 midnight. BUSINESS HOURS Mon 9:00 am – 11:00 pm Tue […]

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