Vaccination Mandate in Koreatown LA

UPDATE: In late March 2022, the City Council moved to roll back vaccine verification at restaurants and private businesses. Masks and vax proof are still required to enter public facilities such as city libraries (LAPL), transportation hubs, and offices of the Department of Water & Power (LADWP).

The City of Los Angeles has launched SafePassLA, which requires certain establishments to verify that patrons (not employees) are vaccinated against COVID.

On October 7, 2021, the City of Los Angeles adopted an ordinance to require proof of a full COVID vaccination to enter the indoor portions of food establishments, gyms (fitness venues), entertainment and recreational locations, personal care establishments, and outdoor events within the City, as well as certain City facilities.

SafePassLA launched on November 8, 2021.

Enforcement began November 29, 2021.

SafePass LA applies to patrons who use an area for indoor dining. For example, a grocery store that provides table and chairs for patrons to sit and eat inside must check proof of vaccination for any patrons who use that area, if the business chooses to keep that area open for use.

If an establishment has both indoor and outdoor areas (for example, an indoor fitness center with an outdoor pool or a museum with indoor and outdoor spaces for patrons), only the indoor portion is covered by the SafePassLA requirements.

Covered locations are required to check for vaccination status upon the first in-person interaction with staff.

* Patrons who appear to be older than 18 years old must have their identification checked.

  • Driver’s License
  • Government Identification
  • School or Work Identification
  • Passport

Individuals may also show copies of their identification, including a photograph on their phone or by using an app that allows them to display a copy of their identification.

An establishment covered by SafePassLA must post a sign that notifies patrons about the vaccination requirement. An establishment may post a sign made available online at

An establishment may also create its own sign, which must be at least 8.5 x 11 inches, use at least 20-point font, and include this text: “The City of Los Angeles requires you to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter this business. For more information regarding proof of vaccination, visit”


A patron may be exempt from demonstrating proof of a COVID vaccination if they are entitled to reasonable accommodation under an applicable law due to a medical condition or a sincerely held religious belief.

To be eligible for an exemption due to a medical condition or a sincerely held religious belief, a patron must provide the covered location with a verbal self-attestation that they qualify for the exemption. A covered location does not need to verify the validity of a self-attestation or ask for any documentation to confirm the exemption.

If the covered location determines that the patron has met the requirements of the exemption, the patron should be directed to use an outdoor area. If an outdoor area is not available, the patron may be permitted to use an indoor area by providing proof of a negative COVID test taken 72 hours prior to entry, along with photo identification.