Why Do Dogs Sleep at Your Feet?

Dogs are not branded as human’s best friends for nothing. These animals have provided man with immeasurable affection; companionship and empathy. Dogs are the most loyal pets humans can have as these animals will forever be affectionate and protective of their masters. We make sure that the dog is provided with its basic needs and all the comforts imaginable. With the loyalty, companionship and protection a dog gives to its human family, an owner will never consider the time spent in caring for the pet to be useless.

Dogs have consistently proven their loyalty and affection to their human friends. These animals are ready to deal with any discomfort just to be with their masters. Take for instance the dog’s tendency to sleep at the master’s feet. We know how dogs love to sleep. Dogs have an inclination to sleep the whole day. To enjoy a good rest, we humans normally want to lie in a comfortable bed. Dogs would not really mind where they sleep. Affection over comfort – your dog would prefer to sleep at your feet even if it means waking up every time you move.

pom dog

Dogs constantly want to be with their human friends as apart from being affectionate, these pets form strong bonds with their owners. Because of the pet’s tendency to stick close to the master, they are dubbed as Velcro pets. Dogs stand close to the master or even lean on the master’s leg and if there is a chance the dog quietly sidles up to sit on the master’s lap.

The master’s feet would not be a very comfortable place to sleep on. A dog though would be ready to have cricks in the neck as long as it can get close to the master. Dogs are protective and the habit is believed to be the dog’s way of protecting the master. This habit can be the dog’s way of recognizing the master as the leader of the pack. Dogs would need to know their rank in the pack. Sleeping at the master’s feet means that the dog is being submissive.

Discounting the discomfort the dog owner will feel, this habit is not really dangerous for both the master and the pet. Dog owners normally let the dog sleep at their feet but what if the dog is a giant breed – would you have the heart to disturb the sleeping pet?

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