Arado Restaurant

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Korean-run Japanese sushi restaurant that opened in 1995 and acquired executive chef Yong Kun Goh in 2001.

Notorious for ajumma waitresses who literally push out potential customers who look Latino. (Note: Whites and Korean-Americans with thick pocketbooks are very welcome here.)

Koguryo Shabu-Shabu & Korean BBQ

Koguryo Korean BBQ – Closed

Korean restaurant named after Goguryeo, one of the ancient Three Kingdoms (37 BC – 668 AD). UPDATE: No longer offers shabu-shabu. Now focused on Korean BBQ only.

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Cake House @ Koreatown Galleria Olympic

Health rating of B for the longest time. Serves Western-style breads, cakes and pastries. Dong Bang Mi In adjacent to this bakeshop sells traditional Korean confectionery. Below street level by the supermarket downstairs in the Koreatown Galleria mall.

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Ice Kiss – Closed

Patbingsu cafe on 6th Street.

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