Pixiu Mala Hongtang

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Korean-owned restaurant specializing in the Sichuan-Chinese dish malatang.

Pixiu Mala Hongtang established its Ktown outpost on September 17, 2022.

Aside from the signature dish Mala Hong Tang, Pixiu also serves Szechuan-inspired spicy dry pot Mala Xiang Guo (a stir-fry dish).


Pixiu Mala Hongtang is located at the strip mall that used to be known as Westminster Square but has now been rechristened “W 425 Plaza” after a recent renovation. It’s the same complex as Caliphonia + Boba Story and Solo Nail.

As of May 2023, JKL Holding, Inc. has applied for a license to sell beer and wine at Pixiu Mala Hontang [sic].

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