Tom n Toms – 1st & Western

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B health rating as of June 2015.

Opened in 2012 as the newest location of Tom n Toms, which in that year had seven in the Koreatown area.

Western Avenue, just a few blocks south of Beverly Boulevard, right by Paris Baguette and across the street from HK Super.

Tom n Toms @ Wilshire & New Hampshire – Closed

Branch of the South Korean chain of coffee shops… at Wilshire & New Hampshire, a block west of Vermont

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Tom n Toms @ Solair – Closed

UPDATE: Space has been taken over by Gong Cha as of January 2017.

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Tom n Toms @ Madang – Closed

UPDATE: Closed. As of early 2016, space is occupied by Klat Cafe.

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