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South Korean chains that have opened shop(s) in Koreatown, Los Angeles — Tom n Toms Coffee, Heuk Hwa Dang, The Face Shop…

Heuk Hwa Dang

Korean Black Sugar Tea Drinks

Grand Opening on April 9, 2022

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Jaws TPK

JAWS TPK Korean restaurant name

Korean street food

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Paris Baguette – 1st & Western

Paris Baguette: Korean Cafe Bakery

South Korean chain of bakeries with three locations in Koreatown LA… sells Korean-inspired Western-style pastries… This location in North Koreatown has very limited seating.

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Tom n Toms – 1st & Western

Tom n Toms Coffee Shop

Western Avenue, south of Beverly Boulevard, by Paris Baguette, across the street from HK Super

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The Face Shop @ Madang Mall – Closed

The Face Shop: Natural Story

South Korea’s largest cosmetic chain

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